Want to improve your B2B lead generation strategy??

This article will take you through everything you need to know about B2B marketing strategies to employ for your business.

B2B marketing is simply you need to sell to other businesses rather than individual consumers

Here are some tips you need for an effective marketing strategy

1) Content Marketing

  • Identify Audience Demographics
  • Identify topics in your industry (From tools like buzzsumo)
  • Add visual elements to all your content pieces
  • Add keywords like top 10, why 10 examples in your content
  • Comparison of product guide with competitors
  • Share your content on slideshare and participating in community

2) Link Building

  • Outreach Based Backlinks
  1. Offer a scholarship
  2. Wiki links: search wiki page for main keywords, suggest something good for the page so that they can give you a back link
  3. Link Reclamation: Do it through google alerts and through google search by search query”Brand/company name”-ownsite.com-twitter.com-facebook.com-google.com.
  4. Affiliate Links: Reach authors through buzzstream and earn link from them.
  • Submission Based
  1. Infographics: Share your text in visual format as it is a great way to scale out.
  2. Forum Posting: Participating in forums like quora, reddit, inbound.org, growth hackers etc.
  • Exchange Based Links
  1. Guest Blogging: Compile a list of companies that sponsored a few of the big B2B conferences. Get the names and email ids of the managing editors for these sites. Sent mails to them with the components a) Background of our writers b) Previous sites we had been published c) Topic suggestion for our guest post
  2. HARO( Help a reporter out)( helpareporter.com): Participate in the queries shared with a short paragraph. If the writer likes your contribution they will use it in their post and give you a backlink.

3) SEO Keywords

  1. Use Jargons: It is best to use business jargons as business customers use the language of their business everyday
  2. Usage of keywords with service terms like corporate, businesses etc.
  3. Usage of terms like learn, guide etc. which attract people looking to grow their business knowledge.
  4. Use keywords which speak for reviews, comparisons and testimonials like feedback, proof of concept, business cases, ROI etc.

Follow these marketing steps to stay up.